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Sample Artwork

At the time of writing, reconstruction drawing projects have been completed or are in progress on a great variety of sites. These range from early medieval monastic enclosures to major later medieval monasteries and castles, from a simple medieval priests' house to the tower-houses of late medieval Gaelic Irish lords, and from the fortified houses of Elizabethan adventurers to the 19th century copper mines of Waterford.

Click on the thumbnails to open samples of completed reconstructions, all of Irish sites.

Medieval Ecclesiastical Subjects

The 2nd and 3rd thumbnails open part of a set of five serial reconstructions of St Brendan's Cathedral complex in Ardfert, Co. Kerry.

Early medieval monastery set within a pre-existing ringfort on High Island, off the Connemara coast, Co. Galway, c.1300 (1999) The first stone church, the damhliagh, at Ardfert, Co. Kerry c.1100 (1994) St Brendan’s Cathedral, Ardfert, Co. Kerry c.1300 (1994) The Augustinian Priory of Kells, Co. Kilkenny c.1475 (1990) St Brendan’s priests’ house near Dingle, Co. Kerry c.1500 (2006)

Medieval Castles

The 4th thumbnail opens a detail of the 3rd thumbnail.

Cutaway of inner gatehouse, Adare Castle, Co. Limerick c.1270 (2004) Kilkenny Castle, Co. Kilkenny c.1395 (2007) The Earl of Desmond’s castle at Newcastle West, Co. Limerick c.1450 (2004) The Banqueting Hall in Newcastle West castle, Co. Limerick c.1450 (detail, 2004) Listowel Castle, Co. Kerry c.1550 (2005)

Late Medieval to Early Modern Subjects

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd thumbnails open the full set of three serial reconstructions of Ross Castle, Killarney, Co. Kerry. The 4th thumbnail (the 5th opens a detail from the 4th) and the bottom thumbnail open two of a set of four individual drawings of the 19th century copper mines district in Co. Waterford.

Ross Castle tower-house, Killarney, Co. Kerry c.1500 (1996) Ross Castle with the house of the English colonists, Killarney, Co. Kerry c.1700 (1996) Ross Castle with British army barracks and officers houses, Killarney, Co. Kerry c.1800 (1996) Tankardstown, the principal mine site on Co. Waterford’s ‘Copper Coast’ c.1870 (2005) The principal engine house and shaft at Tankardstown mine, Co. Waterford c.1870 (detail, 2005)

Panorama of the ‘Copper Coast’ mining area, Tankardstown on far right cliffs, Co. Waterford c.1870 (2007)




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