Reconstruction Drawing Process: Stage 3

Stage 3 accounts for the remaining 40%-50% of a reconstruction project. The last stage of the drawing process involves completion of the final drawing, most commonly in black ink on cartridge paper. The first step involves redrawing the pencil line work of the buildings in the draft drawing, making allowances for any contextual detail that will partly conceal them. If the client requires only minimal ornamentation to give three-dimensional depth to the drawing, this more-or-less ends the process.

Where detailed historical and geographical context is required, the buildings are then ornamented, for example with stone, brick or wood textures. Light and shade effects are added to give a three-dimensional effect. Finally, contextual detail such as people, animals, equipment, vegetation and general clutter is also put into the reconstruction to complete the drawing. This gives the final reconstruction something of the feel of either 17th to 19th century engravings or late 19th to early 20th century photographs, depending on the antiquity of the subject matter.