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Environmental Illustration

In 1996 I was commissioned to illustrate a resource book on environmental issues for the Dublin Vocational Education Committee. The workbook provided information and exercises for transition year students (aged 15-16 years) and the drawings were commissioned to illustrate particular themes such as our remoteness from our environment, our wastefulness, our environmental footprint and sustainable development. For these, I drew a series of cartoons to illustrate the concepts of my choosing, some of which were also made available in larger format as worksheets for student exercises. Click on the thumbnail below to open a selection of these cartoons.

Selection of cartoons

I was also commissioned to produce illustrations for the covers of the resource book. For the target audience I chose two pencil-coloured drawings of the same landscape illustrating environmentally sustainable environments at different times. For the front cover I showed an 18th-19th century Native American camp and for the back cover I showed the same location developed as a modern environmentally friendly urban environment. Click on the thumbnail below to open the cover illustrations.

Workbook Covers

At about the same time, I was approached to produce a series of postcards illustrating environmental themes. Unfortunately the project was abandoned, but you can click on the thumbnails below to open three examples of dinosaur cartoons with an extinction theme. Other planned themes included whaling and waste disposal.

Extinction through widespread deforestation Extinction by depletion of ozone Extinction through ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’


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